Oil Pumps


AT Power Oil Pumps are offered as stand-alone items for use in your own oil management system, or to replace an existing pump. AT Power Oil Pumps have a number of unique features to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, as well as our standard hallmark of CNC aerospace aluminium housings and durable anodised finish.

Our pumps are dual-ported to improve rotor filling, with the rotor being fed from both sides it is less prone to cavitation and is able to provide a more reliable oil delivery throughout a greater RPM range. Our pumps are also manufactured to a very high tolerance, providing excellent efficiency throughout a wide oil temperature range.

The pumps feature an integrated adjustable pressure relief valve for final adjustment to your specific pressure and flow requirements. A range of rotor widths are also available to allow the Oil delivery to be tailored for your installation.

To ensure that AT Power's pumps meet the highest standards possible, each pump is tested on our end-of-line test rig, and we provide each customer with a unique datasheet specific to the item’s serial number. This means that as soon as the pump is removed from its packaging, you can be confident that it is ready to be fitted and will perform to the maximum.

PLEASE NOTE: Our pumps are listed without pulleys or fittings, please choose accessories from our selection of hydraulic pump fittings, pump/crank pulleys and timing belts to interface with your AT Power pump, please see our oil pump accessories for further details.



Oil Pumps