210 Series Nylon Braided Nitrile Aeroquip Hose - 1m Length

Our 210 Series hose is constructed with a CPE synthetic inner rubber lining, reinforced with a layer of stainless steel woven braid and is compatible with all synthetic lubricants, oils, fuels and coolants (including methanol and nitromethane) and yields excellent resistance against ageing and aggressive medias.  A black nylon braid is then knitted around the outside of the lining to provide a flexible yet hard wearing finished construction.


Fuel, Oil, Coolants, Engine Vapours, water and methanol.

Operating temperatures: 

Min -46°C (51°F) to a maximum of 150°C (302°F)

Available Sizes:

-4 (5.56mm / 0.219”)

-6 (8.73mm / 0.344”)

-8 (11.2mm / 0.438”)

-10 (14.27mm / 0.562”)

-12 (17.47mm / 0.688”)

-16 (22.22mm / 0.875")


• A lightweight but strong range of aeroquip, offering optimum fluid flow and maximum directional versatility with a wide spectrum of available sizes. 

• Hoses can easily be constructed with the appropriate sized spanners offering an easy solution for those who wish to build their own lines.

Please select your required size from the drop down box below:

Price: £11.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand Racing Lines
Product Code >RL210-HOSE