DBW Throttle

AT Power DBW ‘Shaftless’ throttle body, featuring patented technology to gain up to 7% more air flow than a conventional throttle.

These come with a Limp home mode feature and programmable TPS Sensor.

Suitable for many Throttle Body applications and has been tested to the highest standards of competition.

These are manufactured to suit your bolt pattern and bore size on each application, so can be made to suit your inlet manifold.

• Patented shaftless technology to gain up to 7% more airflow than a conventional throttle
• Throttle bore range: 40mm to 65mm
• Failsafe spring return
Operational speed: 0.07 seconds per 60 degrees
• Mechanical Interface: Other bolt patterns available
• Electrical Interface: Molex MX150-L
• Robust Hall effect TPS, twin O/P (dual redundancy)
• Standard 0.5V to 4.5V sensor O/P
• Lighter than conventional OEM equivalent part
• Made from highly attractive billet machined aluminium housings. It is fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The Throttle Body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.

Price: £695.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-106-00108