Emerald K6 ECU - Preconfigured

Pre-configured version of the Emerald K6 ECU takes the hard work out of the initial ECU configuration process, as it is loaded from the factory! Available with a bespoke ECU configuration for your K6 ECU based on the information that you provide us. During the same process we also select and install the most appropriate base map from our extensive library.

The Emerald K6 ECU is a motorsport spec 32 bit Power PC processor giving class leading performance, stability and durability. The K6 now features 6 ignition and 6 injection drivers, allowing full sequential control for up to 6 cylinder engines, plus the K6 has the best environmental protection of any Emerald ECU to date.

As with previous Emerald ECUs the K6 continues to provide class leading features with intuitive and easy to use software combined with future proof upgrade options. The K6 currently uses the already established K3 PC software providing intelligent and proven functionality and features, such as Adaptive Lambda control, closed-loop Boost and EGT control, VVT control and Triple MAP switching.

Price starting from: £595.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand EmeraldM3D
Product Code 101-135-00002

Price: £595.00 per unit ex VAT

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