Fontana Carbon Plenum 65x With Throttle Adaptor Fitted 85mm PCD LH

Fontana Plenum N/A or Turbo (Suitable to 3 Bar) 65PCX Carbon shallow to fit reverie backplate. 

100mm LH 100mm tapered bottom entry Fitted with Alloy S2000 Active technologies throttle adapter 98.9mm square flange, 70mm bore with 4 by 85mm pcd.

Can do LH or RH, Just Reverse on the backplate, please purchase gasket and backplate separately.

Contact AT Power for S2000 throttle and inlet runners / Trumpets. 

R01SE6168 N/A 2mm Alloy Back plate, R01SE6167 Turbo 4mm Alloy Back plate, R01SE6169 Nitrile gasket seal.


R01SE0483 30mm Shallow Carbon Back Plate, R01SE0489 60mm Deep Carbon Back Plate

Dimensions (in mm)

Plenum Length A 565
Length B 440
Height C 200
Snorkel width D 100
Depth E 65
Depth F 50

Plenum Volume (Litres): 4.4


Technical Drawing Download

Please enquire for details

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