Ford Sigma/Zetec Belt Driven Dry Sump System


AT Power's unique Ford Sigma/Zetec Belt Driven lightweight precision machined billet aluminium Dry Sump Systems are designed to prevent engine oil starvation (surge) due to G-force levels experienced during race conditions, lowering engine oil temperatures, and freeing up more of a race engines potential horsepower.

The 3-Stage high efficiency dual ported Oil Pump with positive displacement G-rotors, supplies pressurised oil directly into the engines oil system whilst simultaneously removing the aeriated oil from the Sump Pan returning it back to a remote oil tank, increasing the engines oil supply capacity.

With the oil being drawn (scavenged) directly from the low-profile Oil Pan, engine crankcase pressures are reduced minimising the oil drag on the crankshaft and lowering Piston resistance which in turn improves the engines horsepower.

AT Power's Ford Sigma/Zetec belt driven Dry Sump systems are supplied with a CNC machined billet aluminium high efficiency 3 Stage Oil Pump, offering outstanding oil displacements of 11.9 L/Min @ 1000 RPM from the Pressure Stage & two x 11.9 L/Min @ 1000 RPM from the Scavenge Stages, being suitable for engine speeds up to 9000 RPM & featuring an externally accessed pressure relief valve (PRV) for ease of tuning and adjustment.



This product is NOT suitable for Ford Blacktop or Silvertop Engine variants.

Pump displacements stated are for guidance only as pump efficiencies can be affected by multiple external factors.

These Kits are available with an Intake engine mounted oil pump bracket, engine oil feed (Oil-In Assembly) adaptor kits, Oil Pump Pulley, pre-machined Crank Shaft Pulley, 3/4" wide 'L'-Section drive belt & a low-profile CNC machined billet aluminium Oil Pan with multi directional scavenge turrets for the easiest routing of oil lines.

Available in a choice of 18 different anodising colours. Anodising-Colour-Swatch

To complete your installation, we also offer Dry Sump ancillary parts including Remote Oil Tanks, Oil Lines, Oil Fittings & Oil coolers (Follow the Informational Downloads link below for more information). 

Images shown are of a bespoke 2-Stage scavenge system, please refer to package drawing below for actual product dimensional information. 


Product Informational Downloads:

PDF Package Drawing Download - Intake Mounted Oil Pump

Typical Dry Sump System Installation Schematic

Dry Sump Ancillary Parts


If you require assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of our sales team.



This is a motorsports product and should only ever be installed by a professional motorsport company.

Purchasing of this product is ONLY! available to trade customers or registered companies.

Validation of a company's registration status will be required.


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