Ford ST170 Throttle Bodies & ME221 ECU Package

This is an ITB kit using AT Power Billet Direct-To-Head throttle bodies including air horns, linkage, fuel rail and being direct to head the manifold is part of the assembly – which is the correct port sizing for the ST170 (larger than a normal Zetec).

The package also includes the ME221 Engine Management with full Plug-n-Play loom for the ST170, which retains full closed-loop VVT control to get the best torque curve possible – no sacrifices!

Typical power on a good condition ST170 engine will be 190-210bhp (using supporting mods such as high flow exhaust system etc.)

Many customers choose to order these Throttles alongside the Magnetti Marelli TPS sensor and 330cc Pico Injectors.

A base-map is included with the ECU to get the engine running, but we always recommend rolling road tuning (Motorsport Electronics have over 100 agents across the UK, and any competent rolling road can tune the ME system using the freely available tuning software).

Price: £1,725.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code ATPxME221-ST170

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