Ford Zetec Throttle Bodies & ME221 ECU Base Map Package


This is an ITB kit using AT Power Billet Direct-To-Head throttle bodies including air horns, linkage, fuel rail and being direct to head the manifold is part of the assembly – which has the correct port sizing for the Zetec Silvertop/Blacktop 1.6/1.8/2.0

The package also includes the ME221 Engine Management with full Plug-n-Play loom for the Zetec, which retains fully sequential injection – no sacrifices!

Typical power on a good condition Zetec engine will be 170-180bhp (using supporting mods such as high flow exhaust system etc.) Stage 3 Cams will take you to circa 200bhp.

Optional extras include new 330cc Pico injectors (though the stock beige injectors are good to around 170bhp – you may need spacers available seperatley), as well as Mahnetti Marelli throttle position sensor and ITB filter and backplate.

NOTE that as with all after-market engine management systems, basemaps are offered ‘as-is’, and dyno tuning is recommended to avoid damaging your engine. Motorsport Electronics have full engine dyno and rolling road facilities on site as well as an ever growing list of tuners across the UK, Europe and Worldwide – see Motorsport Electronics Tuning Partners for your nearest approved agent.

Price: £1,725.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code ATP-ZETEC&ECU

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