Honda - K20/K24 - Integrated Dry Sump System - V2


The AT Power's unique Honda K20/24 Integrated Dry Sump System is designed to prevent Oil starvation 'surge' due to G-force levels during race conditions, lowering engine Oil temperatures and freeing up more of a race engines potential horsepower.


This product features a high performance Gear-Pump Pressure Stage and 2 Gerotor Scavenge Stages all being driven internally by the OEM standard Oil Pump chain drive, eliminating the need for any external drive belts as seen on the traditional Dry Sump Systems, removing front end packaging issues in the engine bay and eliminating the risk of a drive belt coming off during a race.


Designed with fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries between the Dry Sump Pan and Oil Pump to minimise the quantity of vulnerable external Oil Pipes, reducing the potential Oil leak paths and the additional installation costs of Oil Pipes and fittings.



The Integrated Oil Pump removes the Oil directly from the Sump Pan into a remote Oil tank, increasing overall Oil capacity, with the Oil being drawn directly from the Oil Pan. Crankcase pressures are reduced minimising the drag on the crankshaft and lowering Piston resistance which in turn improves an engines horsepower.



With the addition of an Oil cooler, the system will reduce Oil temperatures and improve the durability of a race engines life, providing the optimal installation for the serious Honda racers.





  • AT Power’s Honda K20/24 Integrated Dry Sump System is fully CNC machined from Billet Aerospace 6082-T6 grade aluminium.

  • The Gear Pressure Pump Stage is integrated and driven by a unique internal gear drive system which utilizes the existing OEM standard Oil Pump chain drive.

  • The Oil Scavenge Stages are also driven directly by the internal gear drive system eliminating the need for any external drive belts.

  • Fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries between the Dry Sump Pan and Oil Pump to minimise the quantity of vulnerable external Oil Pipes.

  • Suitable for both the Honda K20 and K24 engines, Including both Naturally Aspirated and Turbo applications.

  • Designed to package within the existing OEM Wet Sump package envelope.

  • All Aluminium components are Anodised to provide oxidisation protection.




AT Power have worked with Duxe Engine Works in Belgium who installed this system onto a Honda K20 engine and carried out durability dyno testing on their rolling road. The vehicle was put through over ten hours of various test run programs before the vehicle was then entered into race meetings.


The engine was tested up to 9500 RPM and showed good oil pressure throughout the rev range. The oil pressure mirrored the revs of the engine very closely and showed the pressure continuing to rise at 9500 RPM.


Dry Sump System was then removed and returned to AT Power for a full strip down and inspection of all component parts. Upon inspection, there was no visible or measurable signs of any wear or deteriation of any component parts.  





  • Remote oil tank
  • Oil lines and fittings from the dry sump to the remote oil tank
  • Oil cooler
  • Engine breather lines from remote oil tank to engine.




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Price: £4,875.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code >105-102-00044

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