Interlagos 425x Carbon Airbox 100mm Snorkel

Fitment For: 4 cylinder engines Depth of Mainbox Can be trimmed by a further 20mm Max if required. Mounting to throttle bodies or Carbs on one of three mainbox side faces.

Features internal K&N Panel filter with 100mm entry ram air feed cowl


Dimensions (in mm):

A: Max External Length = 425mm
B: Max External Height = 140mm
C: Max External Depth = 77mm (Add on Base and Top cowl depths!)
D: Depth of Base = 20mm + Add on Dimensions of top cowling
E: Height of Top Air feed Cowl (100mm entry) = 155mm
F: Height of Top air feed cowl at centre point of length = 65mm
G: Height of Top air feed cowl at rearmost point of length = 45mm
H: Distance Between maximum width of Airbox and Bottom Wall = 110mm
I: Maximum Width of Airbox =112mm
Air Box Volume (Litres): 9.95

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