JC-50 Filter Backplate & Clips - (Blank)


This Aluminium Backplate (Blank) is compatible with the both the JC50/S/65 and JC50/S/100 Air Filters and forms the base section to which the Air Filter is attached.

Supplied in a blank (undrilled) condition, allowing you to cut the plate to the hole diameters and spacings required for the Extensions (Runners, Velocity Stacks).

This base plate is supplied with three quick release retaining clips for attachment to the Air Filter.


How to Order:

In-order to verify your specific requirements, and provide the correct solution for your application please select your configuration from the option sets below: 

If you require assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of our sales team.

Price starting from: £34.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand ITG Air Filters
Product Code 102-134-00015

Price: £34.00 per unit ex VAT

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