ME442 3m Unterminated 'Basic' Loom


This is the ‘Basic’ wiring loom for the ME442. Wires/connections are provided for on the following pins, with the pin number also printed on the length of the wire. The comms lead is pre-wired, and also, the LSU-4.9 Wideband expansion port is wired. You can use our 442BASIC->LSU4.9 harness to link to your LSU4.9 sensor, or wire directly. 20x spare pins are also provided for other connections you may wish to make to the ECUs extensive available I/O.


1 COIL D White/Orange  
2 COIL C White/Red  
3 INJECTOR D / 4 Pink/Orange  
4 INJECTOR B / 2 Pink/Brown  
6 DIG_IN 1 Blue/Black  
12 LOW SIDE 2 DG/Brown  
14 VBAT Red  
17 ANA VOLT 3 DO/Red  
22 CAM A VR+ White inside Shiedled Yellow Shield to (52)
23 CAM A VR- Blue inside Shielded Yellow (in with (22)
26 ANA VOLT 1 DO/Black  
31 COIL B White/Brown  
32 COIL A White/Black  
33 INJECTOR C / 3 Pink/Red  
46 5V REF Purple  
52 SENSORS GROUND Black/White  
56 ANA VOLT 2 DO/Brown  
57 ANA TEMP 2 DO/Dashed Brown  
61 GROUND (INJECTORS 1/2/3/4) Black  
63 INJECTOR A / 1 Pink/Black  
69 LOW SIDE 5 DG/Yellow  
73 LOW SIDE 1 DG/Black  
74 LOW SIDE 3 DG/Red  
75 LOW SIDE 9 DG/Grey  
79 TACHOMETER Yellow  
80 CRANK VR- White inside Shiedled Black Shield to (52)
81 CRANK VR+ Blue inside Shielded Black (in with (80)
86 ANA TEMP 1 DO/Dashed Black  
90 GROUND (INJECTORS 5/6/7/8) Black  


PLEASE NOTE! As with all after-market engine management systems, basemaps are offered ‘as-is’, and dyno tuning is recommended to avoid damaging your engine. Motorsport Electronics have full engine dyno and rolling road facilities on site as well as an ever growing list of tuners across the UK, Europe and Worldwide – see Motorsport Electronics Tuning Partners for your nearest approved agent.


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Price starting from: £82.50 per unit ex VAT

Brand Motorsport Electronics
Product Code LOOM_M442_UNTERM

Price: £82.50 per unit ex VAT

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