Nissan GTR R35 DBW 72mm

AT Power DBW 72mm ‘Shaftless’ throttle body for the Nissan GTR, featuring patented technology to gain up to 7% more air flow than a conventional throttle.
Designed to fit directly to the OEM Manifold, this Ø72mm Throttle Bore offers a massive 59% increase in aperture cross sectional area over the original OEM units. This component requires control of the ECU and remapping.
• Patented shaftless technology to gain up to 7% more airflow than a conventional throttle
• Failsafe spring return
Operational speed: 0.07 seconds per 60 degrees
• Mechanical Interface: Other bolt patterns available
• Electrical Interface: Molex MX150-L
• Robust Hall effect TPS, twin O/P (dual redundancy)
• Standard 0.5V to 4.5V sensor O/P
• Lighter than conventional OEM equivalent part
• Made from highly attractive billet machined aluminium housings. It is fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The Throttle Body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.
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