Peugeot EW Dry Sump Kit

This exclusive Pug1Off / AT Power Dry Sump Kit, suitable for all Peugeot & Citroen EW engines, features a high quality billet aerospace aluminium machined sump with pre-piped dual scavenge. A dual ported, billet machined Cordis Pump with positive displacement Gerotors and adjustable pressure relief valve is mounted to an adjustable tensioning platform on the front, underside of the sump. The kit comes complete / part-assembled with oil-in assembly, pump, JIC fittings to / from pump, crank pulleys and 3/4" 'L'-Section drive belt & ARP fasteners. Individual pump test sheets are included with each kit.


A dry sump system will protect your engine against potentially fatal oil surge whilst reducing crankshaft - oil friction and eliminating positive crankcase ventilation.


Oil cooler, lines, remote filter housing and oil tank are required when fitting this kit, however each vehicle will have individual requirements. A universal easy-clean oil tank is available on request. Suitable engines shown below. Please contact Pug1Off for more information:


  • EW10J4 - Peugeot 206 GTI / Citroen C4
  • EW10J4/s - Peugeot 206 GTI180 & RC / Citroen C4 VTS
  • EW12 - Peugeot 406 & 407 Coupe
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