Pico 377cc - IWP162

This High Quality 'Pico' Top feed fuel injector has a Single-hole Cone spray pattern, and is capable of installation in a wide range of applications. With a fast pulse response, high accuracy, high Dynamic Range and excellent Fuel Atomisation, this quality product is idea for Fast Road and Motorsport applications and a perfect fit into AT Power throttle housings and fuel rails.


With a Stainless Steel Body, fuel-resistant plastic connector, Stainless Steel Internal Valve and a Low carbon content stainless steel armature Electromagnet, this product is durable and reliable. Ideal for modern engines up to approximately 55 BHP per cylinder (dependent upon Fuel System Pressure)

Price starting from: £85.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand Pico
Product Code 101-129-00010

Price: £85.00 per unit ex VAT