Porsche 911 42mm

These Direct-to-Head Porsche 911 42mm Throttle Bodies are port matched with a round throttle plate. This is a direct mounting to the cylinder head so no additional manifold is required. These throttle bodies feature round, 'shaftless' and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance and with the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is significantly improved. 

These throttles are designed with a 39mm port dimension at the cylinder head, with a taper up to 42mm at the throttle plate.

Delivered fully assembled, made from Billet aluminium, with a Billet Aluminium Fuel Rail, Choice of Inlet Lengths and calibrated for your choice of TPS. Engine management is the only additional part required to achieve significant power gains. Our Linkage setup allows you to connect directly to the existing OEM throttle cable linkage. 

Throttle Dynograph Against Competitor Product Download

'Comparison is between two identical stock Porsche euro spec 3.0 liter engines. Each motor also has 1.5 inch headers and racing mufflers. Both engines have the same fuel injection system and ecu. One has a reputable aftermarket throttle body system with 46mm diameter shaft butterfly. The other contains the AT Power designed throttle body system with 42mm shaft-less butterfly. Both runs were done in same ambient conditions on the same wheel dyno. All other specs on the cars are identical.'

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Available in the US through our North American Porsche and BMW Distributor Reno Rennsport.

6 Cal Ln, 




+1 775-331-4366


Also available through Vivid Racing in the US.

1429 W.Scott Ave




+1 480-966-3040


Price: £3,750.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-102-00134

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