Porsche 911 Throttle Installation (EFI) Kit With ECU/Engine Harnesses & Base Map Package (Model Years 1969-1977)


AT Power has developed a unique range of Direct to Head Individual (Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)) Throttle Body systems with complete (EFI) Installation Kits available for the Porsche 911, 914/6, 964 and 993, Air-Cooled Classics. The air-cooled Porsche models suits our beautifully manufactured “Shaft-Less” Throttle technology perfectly.

Our Electronic Fuel Injection Installation kits are supplied with an Individual Throttle Body system (ITB's) and all the supporting electronic engine management, fueling, vacuum, Oil breather, air filtration and heater systems required to make a complete (EFI) conversion to your Porsche. 

Our unique patented technology helps to increase air flow dramatically thus minimising air flow separation and reduces turbulence, resulting in higher volumetric efficiency.

This pristine technology with Knife-edged butterflies has improved inlet airflow and performance significantly. With the individual Throttle blades very close to the inlet valves, the engine and Throttle response are vastly improved. Along with this, we have also found an impressive increase in Horsepower, Torque, Driveability, and an incredible mechanical soundtrack.

With over 8 years of manufacturing Motorsport parts and a combined experience of over 60 years of automotive design, we truly believe our outstanding throttles solution will yet again, change the way you feel, about your Porsche.

This system has been designed to be a “bolt on kit” thus allowing the vehicle to be returned to its original condition, if required.


Installation Packages are suitable for Porsche 911's (Model Years 1969-1977) & Porsche 914/6 (Model Years 1969-1972). Contents illustrated may vary dependent upon individual applications. 


Our Throttle Bodies come fully assembled and ready to bolt directly to the Cylinder Heads, with the following parts included:

• Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminium “Shaft-less” Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB's).

• Aluminium Extensions (Runners, Velocity Stacks) for packaging within the flatdeck & whale tail models.

• Aluminium Ram Pipes (Trumpets).

• Billet Aluminium Fuel Rails.

• Thermal Insulation Gaskets.

• Billet Throttle Linkage System which connects directly to the existing OEM cable pick-ups.

• Contactless (Hall Effect) Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).

• Available in 18 anodised colour options. Anodising-Colour-Swatch

• Available options of 42mm Individual "Shaftless" Throttle Bodies (ITB's) with Inlet Ports options of 32mm, 35mm, 36mm & 39mm.


Listed below are the supporting parts which complete these Full Plug, Play and Tune Installation Kits:

• Mechanical Cable Pull Linkage as standard fitment. 

• A choice of ECU Kits including base map packages, complete with electrical engine harnesses, hardware and software.

• Trigger Wheel & Fan Pulley assembly, including sensor mounting bracket and Distributor blanking plug. 

• Fuelling System - Includes Fuel Injectors, Fuel pressure regulator with gauge, Fuel Lines, fittings and hoses to interface  with existing fuel system

• Vacuum System - Includes Vacuum Take-Off Kit for Brake Boost and/or Idle Air Control (IAC) assembly for cold start, c/w interfacing pipework & fitting kit.

• Engine Oil breather system - Includes all filters and interfacing components required.

• Air Filtration Options:

  1. Megaflow Sausage Air Filters complete with brushed aluminium pre-drilled Filter back plates.
  2. Race Mesh Ram Pipes. (Replaces Standard Ram Pipes)

• Heater duct system for interior (Cabin) heating.

• Rain Guard Kit for protection against rain water ingress.


Optional extras which are also available:

• Additional Race Mesh Ram Pipe (Trumpets) & Torque Tool Kit.

• Air Flow Synchrometer Kit for checking cylinder balancing & idle control of the engine.



As with all after-market engine management systems, base maps are offered “as-is” and dyno tuning is fully recommended, to avoid causing any damage to your engine.


Package Drawings Downloads:

PDF Package Drawing Download - Porsche 911-E-2.0L-2.2L-2.4L & 914/6 - 32mm Inlet Port To 42mm Throttles

PDF Package Drawing Download - Porsche 911-S-2.2L-2.4L & 914/6- 35mm Inlet Port To 42mm Throttles

PDF Package Drawing Download - Porsche 911-T-RS-RSR-2.2L-2.7L-2.8L & 914/6- 36mm Inlet Port To 42mm Throttles

PDF Package Drawing Download - Porsche 911-CARRERA-3.0L - 39mm Inlet Port To 42mm Throttles


Product Informational Downloads:

Porsche 911/964 Brake Boost - Cold Idle Control Data Sheet.

Idle Air Control Valve Pin Out Details.

Novotechnik Throttle Position Sensor Data Sheet.

Porsche 911's (1969-1977) Installation Guide.


How to Order:

In-order to verify your specific requirements, and provide the correct solution for your application please select your configuration from the option sets below: 

If you require assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of our sales team.


Trade Customers:

Please contact us to enquire about our trader's discount structure.


Price starting from: £11,200.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code Porsche 911 Throttle EFI Installation Kits (Model Years 1969-1977)

Price: £11,200.00 per unit ex VAT

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