Porsche 964 Throttle Bodies Installation Kit & Emerald K6 ECU Base Map Package


AT Power has developed a unique range of Direct to Head throttle bodies for the Porsche 911, 964 and 993, Air-Cooled Classics. The air-cooled range suits our “Patented-Shaft-Less” throttle technology perfectly.

Our existing design helps to increase air flow dramatically thus minimising air flow separation resulting in higher volumetric efficiency.

This pristine technology and Knife-edged butterflies have improved the airflow and performance significantly. With the blade very close to the inlet valve, the engine and throttle response is vastly improved. Along with this we also found increases in Horse Power, Torque, Driveability, Throttle Response and added an incredible sound track.


Our Throttle Body Kit comes fully assembled and includes the following parts:


·         Billet aluminium “Shaft-less” Throttle bodies.

·         3D Printed custom curved Inlets/extension to allow for bonnet clearance around the standard 964 electronic spoilers.

·         Ram pipes.

·         TPS sensor.

·         Billet Aluminium Fuel Rails.

·         Thermal gaskets.

·         Linkage and spindles that connect directly to the OEM cable pull.


We have also listed the supporting parts that create this Full Installation Package


·         Emerald K6 ECU with plug and play loom to connect the existing wiring harness.

·         Base map.

·         USB and RS232 tuning cables.

·         Wideband lambda controller.

·         Air temperature sensor.

·         Breather Filters.

·         ITG Air Filters.

·         Custom laser cut back plates (Handed)

·         PICO fuel injectors.

·         Carbon Fibre heating duct.

·         Racing lines fuel pressure regulator.

·         Fuel lines and fittings with fuel flow diagram.

·         Billet aluminium vacuum manifold and hoses.


This system has been designed to be a “bolt on kit” with absolutely NO modifications required to the car thus allowing it to be returned to its original condition.

NOTE that as with all after-market engine management systems, basemaps are offered ‘as-is’, and dyno tuning is recommended to avoid damaging your engine.


Weight Reduction

Due to the removal of existing OEM parts and the introduction of light weight Billet aluminium parts, we have found a reduction in weight of 10.5 kilos.

With over 8 years of manufacturing Motorsport parts and a combined experience of over 60 years of automotive design, we truly believe our outstanding throttles solution will yet again, change the way you feel about your Porsche.




Please contact james@atpowerthrottles.com or Paul@atpowerthrottles.com to enquire for trade discounts.


Please enquire for details info@atpowerthrottles.com.

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