Porsche Megaflow Air Filters & Pre-Cut Backplates JC40/S/65


These Megaflow Air Filter's are handmade in the UK and is predominantly designed for competition use, with the filter's simply bolting onto the Filter Pre-cut Backplates (also supplied) providing optimum air flow, engine protection and safety. This is accomplished by providing a three layer 'Trifoam' system, which filters drawn air in stages, with the inner layer including self-extinguishing filter foam providing a vital safety aspect designed to reduce damage to the filter should 'blowback' from the Throttle Bodies occur.

The filters are lightweight and are constructed from a durable fibre reinforced nylon provide optimum air flow and engine protection, being available in a range of inner heights to suit different applications

The 'Red-band fixed to the filter enable secure attachment to the baseplate and maintain overall rigidity, are constructed from a tough, durable yet lightweight fibre reinforced nylon which also has been researched to ensure best match to the baseplate for minimum induction seepage. Easily identified, the 'Red-band' has become a signature for both quality and performance.

The foam fitted to this 'Sausage' filter range is held in a fixed position by a specially designed thermoplastic cage which, unlike other filters on the market is formed across all the filter which ensures the filter ends also remain in best shape for optimum filtration and great long-term appearance as well as the filter body.

This 65mm Deep version of the JC40 Filter, is compatible with AT Power's 40mm long Ram Pipes (Trumpets), but is not suitable for 60mm Ram Pipes.


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Price starting from: £315.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand ITG Air Filters
Product Code Porsche Megaflow Air Filters & Pre-Cut Backplates

Price: £315.00 per unit ex VAT

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