Renault F7R Clio Williams

These Direct-to-Head Renault F7R Clio Williams Throttle Bodies are a universal DTH set, using AT Powers 45mm round ITB's singles mounted onto adaptors to the flange mounting face. This is a direct mounting to the cylinder head so no additional manifold is required, with 'shaftless' and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance and with the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is significantly improved and offers superior idle control over other individual throttle bodies.

Delivered fully assembled with a Choice of Inlet Lengths and calibrated for your choice of TPS. The OEM injectors, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) and Throttle Cable are Compatible with this kit. Engine management is the only additional part required to achieve significant power gains.

PDF Package Drawing Download

Price: £1,695.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-109-00006

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