Single Throttle Body (50mm Bore)


This single Throttle body with its 50mm internal bore features a single butterfly valve controlled by a mechanical cable, offering an ideal replacement for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) single Throttle body or for aftermarket tunning applications where only a single butterfly valve is required or mandated.

This product incorporates AT Power's patented 'Shaftless' technology which maintains all the benefits of a traditional butterfly Throttle system whilst improving both the part and fully open Throttle airflow characteristics.

AT Power's ‘Shaftless’ technology improves airflow by up to 10% above traditionally shafted Throttle bodies.

Machined from solid billet aerospace grade aluminium with a stainless-steel knife-edged blade (valve), this product offers the typical advantages of an AT Power Throttle in a compact product ideal for mounting onto an inlet manifold or plenum and suitable for naturally aspirated applications.

These Throttles are factory calibrated for use with a Throttle Positional Sensor (TPS) of your choice, simply select either the sensor you wish to buy, or 'Fitting Kit' which includes the correct (TPS) shaft and Adaptor, and AT Power will provide this fully assembled onto your Throttle body and factory calibrated for the relevant (TPS), ready to bolt straight onto the engines inlet system.


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Price starting from: £262.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-120-00007

Price: £262.00 per unit ex VAT

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