Universal Throttles

These are our custom universal throttle bodies, that can be manufactured to suit any number of cylinders, bore sizes and cylinder spacing. Available with a choice of round or oval housings, injected or non-injected and as usual supplied as compete assemblies with a custom billet aluminium fuel rail, linkages and inlet lengths of your choosing.

These are completely custom applications so please contact us to get technical support.

Estimated prices for these applications:

4-Cylinder = From £1445-00 + Postage

6-Cylinder = From £2075-00 + Postage

V8 = From £2890-00 + Postage

V12 = From £3965-00 + Postage

Trader discounts available on this product.


Please contact james@atpowerthrottles.com for more information.

Please enquire for details info@atpowerthrottles.com.

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