Direct to Head Throttle Bodies:

AT Power’s Direct to Head (DTH) individual throttle bodies are a high performance system with an individual butterfly sized for each inlet port. This is the ultimate performance option for most installations.

Our ‘Shaftless’ throttles offer excellent full open throttle airflow for peak power with great part-throttle and idle control. The minimal disruption caused by our ‘Shaftless’ blade allows us to specify a smaller throttle bore, resulting in higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency.

Our direct to head throttle bodies are port matched to suit each engine variant. The throttle bodies are a twin housing design significantly improving the airflow into the engine and offering a lightweight solution. These throttle bodies feature our ‘Shaftless’ and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance. Utilising our ‘Shaftless’ technology allows close positioning of the butterflies to the inlet valve giving the optimal throttle response.
Delivered fully assembled, with billet aluminium housings, fuel rail, choice of linkage options, along with a choice of inlet lengths and calibrated for your choice of Throttle Position Sensors (TPS).

Engine management is the only additional part required to achieve significant power gains.

Drive by Wire Throttles:

AT Power Electronic Drive-By-Wire (DBW) throttles are a high performance single throttle body controlled by an electronic motor rather than the traditional cable, designed for use with an aftermarket ECU.

They are suitable for many applications and offer high performance operating parameters, within a durable billet aluminium housing. With an in-built failsafe spring return, an operational speed of 0.07s per 60° movement, and a rise and fall output Hall-Effect TPS (0-5v) these DBW throttles are market leaders in terms of operation and performance. Utilising a standard Molex MX150-L electrical connector, and provided with the mating connector for installation into your loom.Fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The throttle body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.

Drive by Wire Throttles: (OEM Big Bore Conversions)

AT Power Drive-By-Wire Throttles with OEM internals are also available as a Plug and Play solution using the standard OEM throttle internals and electrical connections, ensuring that no aftermarket ECU or other components are required. This will allow greater airflow for the engine, while retaining the same control system as the standard unit.

The assembly is tested prior to dispatch to ensure that minimum and maximum throttle position sensor voltages fall within the values expected by the standard ECU.
Installation is simple, and full instructions are provided with each kit. Disassembly of the standard unit and fitment of those internals into the new housings can be completed in less than 15 minutes using basic tools and minimal DIY experience.

Oil Pumps:

AT Power Oil Pumps are offered as stand-alone items for use in your own oil management system, or to replace an existing pump. AT Power Oil Pumps have a number of unique features to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, as well as our standard hallmark of CNC aerospace aluminium housings and durable anodised finish.

Our pumps are dual-ported to improve rotor filling, with the rotor being fed from both sides it is less prone to cavitation and is able to provide a more reliable oil delivery throughout a greater RPM range. Our pumps are also manufactured to a very high tolerance, providing excellent efficiency throughout a wide oil temperature range.

The pumps feature an integrated adjustable pressure relief valve for final adjustment to your specific pressure and flow requirements. A range of rotor widths are also available to allow the Oil delivery to be tailored for your installation.

To ensure that AT Power's pumps meet the highest standards possible, each pump is tested on our end-of-line test rig, and we provide each customer with a unique datasheet specific to the item’s serial number. This means that as soon as the pump is removed from its packaging, you can be confident that it is ready to be fitted and will perform to the maximum.

PLEASE NOTE: Our pumps are listed without pulleys or fittings, please choose accessories from our selection of hydraulic pump fittings, pump/crank pulleys and timing belts to interface with your AT Power pump, please see our oil pump accessories for further details.

Dry Sump Systems:

AT Power Dry Sump Systems are a complete oil management system designed for a specific engine, with the relevant pump mounting bracket, oil in assembly, pump and crank pulley's, 'L-Section’ drive belt, and an oil pump with a calibrated oil flow for the most common applications of that engine type.

AT Power Dry Sump Systems offer a new spectrum of performance gains to our client base, with an ever expanding range of high performance and high efficiency products. Our dual-ported oil pumps and integrated dry sump systems are another example of AT Power pushing the boundaries and being an example to the industry.

Our traditional dry sump kits are made from a high quality billet aerospace aluminium machined sump pan complemented by our highly efficient dual ported billet machined oil pumps.

AT Power's also offers a new generation of fully integrated dry sump systems, with the pump drive taken directly from the crankshaft without an external pulley, and the oil scavenge fed directly to the pump internally within the sump pan. This system minimises the quantity of vulnerable external oil lines and reduce numerous potential oil leak paths and additional costs of fittings and lines.

Single Throttles:

AT Power’s single throttle is a single butterfly controlled by a mechanical cable, ideal as a replacement of OEM single throttle units or on Forced Induction installations. Our single bore throttles offer the advantage of our ‘Shaftless’ technology in installations where only a single butterfly valve is required or mandated.

Made from aerospace grade aluminium with a stainless steel knife-edged blade, this offers the typical advantages of an AT Power throttle in a small, compact product ideal for mounting to a plenum and suitable for turbo charged, super charged and naturally aspirated applications.

Available in bore sizes from Ø36mm to Ø85mm.

Universal Throttles:

AT Power has a range of Universal throttles, utilising aerospace grade aluminium adaptors and flange plates to build a manifold suitable for several of our single bore throttles resulting in an Individual Throttle Body setup. Examples of this are our Audi 5-Cylinder and Big Bore Cosworth YB Universal Throttles.

We also offer custom universal throttles, without adaptors, to your required cylinder spacing and bore size. These are provided with a bespoke single piece aluminium fuel rail and are delivered fixed on mounting rails with a fully constructed linkage ready to be bolted to your own manifold.

Why Shaftless:

AT Power developed our patented 'Shaftless' technology in 2005 to overcome the only significant disadvantage of the Butterfly throttle design. While the butterfly throttle has always benefitted from excellent idle and part throttle control, it has been limited by the disturbance to the airflow and the blockage to the cross-sectional area of the air passage by the blade and rotating shaft.

One area where traditional butterfly throttle bodies are lacking is that the butterfly valve is held via a thick shaft and two screws. The shaft and screws cause disruption to the air flow, reduce flow velocity and hamper the performance of the engine. To rectify this problem, AT Power developed an award winning design concept where thickness of the blade is reduced to the minimum achievable with knife-edged leading and trailing edges and the rotating shaft does not ingress into the airflow passage.

Our patented technology maintains all the benefits of the butterfly throttle system while improving the part and fully open airflow characteristics. Our ‘Shaftless’ system can improve flow by up to 10% on common throttle body sizes. In fact, tests show an AT Power throttle have 99.5% the same flow as having no butterfly at all. The minimal disruption caused by our ‘Shaftless’ blade allows us to specify a smaller throttle bore, resulting in higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency.

Inlet geometry is an area critical to engine performance, the way in which the airflow passes through the internal passages of the throttles, over the butterfly valve, and into the inlet port, will make a significant difference to the power output and fuel efficiency of an engine. This is an area in which AT Power has invested significant R&D to provide the optimal solution. Combined with precision CNC machining, AT Power can manufacture small, lightweight throttles offering the same performance as a much larger system.

Why Butterfly:

Internal combustion engines require a system to control the airflow and fuel mixture into the engine in response to driver requirement, this can be done in a number of ways and engineering development has led from the mechanical carburettor to fuel injection.

Traditional carburettors have significant limitations in terms of mechanical complexity, air-fuel mixture control. Fuel injection uses electronically controlled injectors, and single or multiple valves to control the quantity and combination of fuel and air into the engine cylinders.

Butterfly throttles use a flat plate mounted on a rotating spindle to open and close the passage through which the air flows, and can be controlled to very accurate angles by a mechanical cable or an electronic actuator.

Butterfly throttles offer several distinct advantages over alternative throttle designs, mechanical simplicity, cost effectiveness, accurate control and part throttle response to name a few.

Butterfly throttles are used in all areas of motorsport from Grassroots through to Formula One, WEC and WRC. They one of the oldest and most developed throttle body systems and AT Power has taken that development to its ultimate stage.

Design Consultancy:

AT Power offers our customers a complete in house service from the initial concept designs, through to fully validated production released parts.

Our experienced automotive design team are able to offer our customers both a one off design service for the individual motorsport enthusiast, through to fully managed projects requiring full validation of OEM production ready products.

Our services include 2D and 3D design, CFD, FEA, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, along with our in-house assembly and testing of customer bespoke projects. Our in-house capability and manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer our customers part or fully managed projects within an agreed time scale and cost, ensuring our customer confidentiality.

Feel free to call us regarding your new projects!