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AT Power Motorsport Products Ltd, based at our manufacturing facility in Norfolk (UK) and originally famous for our unique and innovative Patented Throttle technology, AT Power Motorsport never stands still in the development of our products to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern motorsport, ensuring we are at the forefront in supplying the ultimate highest quality performance products.

We are respected globally for the exceptional high quality of our products and the outstanding performance gains they provide setting us ahead of the rest. With our proven track record of automotive design and in-house manufacturing experience, as well as being a trusted and respected global design consultant for some of the world’s largest motorsport organisations, ensure we always deliver the best performance.

AT Power’s Patented “Shaftless-Technology” and our “Direct-to-Head Throttles” offer excellent full open Throttle airflow for peak power with outstanding part-throttle response and engine idle control. The minimal disruption caused by our “Shaftless” blade allows us to specify a smaller throttle bore, resulting in higher Airflow Velocity and volumetric efficiency. Our CNC machined Throttle systems are made from high quality aerospace grade billet Aluminium, supplied fully assembled complete with billet Aluminium Fuel Rails & Linkage options including Drive-By-Wire (DBW) - Electronic Throttle Actuation (ETA). Offered with a choice of inlet lengths (Runners, Velocity Stacks) with supporting ancillary components and a large choice of colour options.

Our Throttle Bodies incorporate our patented “Shaftless-Technology” designs which have been independently tested to show >10%+ more airflow than a conventional butterfly Throttle Body. Mid-range performance is significantly increased due to the increased velocity of the same volume of air passing through a smaller orifice. We were also the very first UK company to supply fully assembled, factory balance and calibrate throttle systems ready for plug, play & tune installations.

The addition of CNC machined billet Aluminium Dry Sump systems and high-capacity Oil Pumps has allowed us to offer further performance gains to our client base, with an ever-expanding range of High-Performance products. Our high-capacity dual-ported Oil Pumps and innovative Integrated Dry Sump Systems are another example of AT Power pushing the boundaries and setting an example to the industry.

Our principles of performance, efficiency, functionality and continuous development mean that our products continue to get better and better.

We design, manufacture, and develop numerous new Throttles, Dry Sump systems and Oil Pumps every year, Motorsport never stands still and neither does AT Power Motorsport Products.


Our current product range includes:


Plug, Play and Tune Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems.

Direct to Head Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Throttle Bodies.

Drive by Wire (DBW) Electronic Throttle Actuation (ETA).

Drive by Wire Individual Throttle Bodies (DBW).

DCOE (Weber DCOE, Dellorto DHRLA) Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Throttle Bodies.

IDA (Weber IDA) Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Throttle Bodies.

Universal Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB’s).

Single Throttles.

EFI supporting products.

Belt driven Dry Sump Systems.

Integrated Dry Sump Systems.

High efficiency Oil Pumps.

Dry Sump supporting products.




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