Dry Sump Systems

AT Power Dry Sump Systems are a complete oil management system designed for a specific engine, with the relevant pump mounting bracket, oil in assembly, pump and crank pulley's, 'L-Section’ drive belt, and an oil pump with a calibrated oil flow for the most common applications of that engine type.

AT Power Dry Sump Systems offer a new spectrum of performance gains to our client base, with an ever expanding range of high performance and high efficiency products. Our dual-ported oil pumps and integrated dry sump systems are another example of AT Power pushing the boundaries and being an example to the industry.

Our traditional dry sump kits are made from a high quality billet aerospace aluminium machined sump pan complemented by our highly efficient dual ported billet machined oil pumps.

AT Power's also offers a new generation of fully integrated dry sump systems, with the pump drive taken directly from the crankshaft without an external pulley, and the oil scavenge fed directly to the pump internally within the sump pan. This system minimises the quantity of vulnerable external oil lines and reduce numerous potential oil leak paths and additional costs of fittings and lines.

Honda K20 Integrated