Electronic Throttle Bodies (ETB)


AT Power's Drive-By-Wire (DBW) Electronic Throttle Bodies (ETB's) are the ultimate no-compromise solution for both naturally aspirated and boosted competition engines demanding increased airflow, having been tested to the highest standards of motorsports competition.

AT Power has developed a unique range of Drive-by-Wire (DBW) single bore Throttle Bodies offering a complete solution ready to bolt on directly to either Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket intake manifolds.

They feature AT Power’s lightweight precision machined billet aluminium (6082-T6) single housing design. Utilising our unique patented ‘Shaftless’ technology and knife edged butterfly valves (Blades), proven to improve the part and fully open airflow characteristics by up to 10% on common throttle body sizes, giving higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency, with improved airflow & engine performance.

By utilising AT Power's 'Shaftless' technology these products offer the largest Throttle bore open areas on the market. 

These products are delivered fully assembled with a built in Limp home mode feature and dual redundancy programmable Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Sensor.