Chevrolet LS3/LS7 50mm Throttle bodies

These Chevrolet LS3/LS7 50mmmm Throttle Bodies feature AT Power Shaftless throttle bodies design, along with the Gardner Douglas billet inlet manifold. These throttle bodies feature round, 'shaftless' and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance and with the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is significantly improved and offers superior idle control over other individual throttle bodies.

Available with both cable pull or Drive-by-Wire throttle control, these kits include everything you may need to convert your LS engine to an ITB setup. The DBW option utilizes the standard OEM throttle body and modifies this into an actuation unit, this unit can either be sent to us to make this change, or we can provide details of how to make this modification yourself.

Delivered fully assembled, with a billet aluminium fuel rail, choice of inlet lengths and a variety of colour options. Engine management is the only additional part required to achieve significant power gains. This kit is designed to work with the OEM injectors, however we can also offer injectors if you want to upgrade to an aftermarket option.

Developed in conjunction with Gardner Douglas Sports Cars for use in their GD4 AC Cobra, this kit offers an increase in both horsepower and mid-range torque, along with the drivability and amazing soundtrack that come with running ITBs.

Also available with this kit is the option for a plug and play ECU Package, which can be provided at extra cost upon request.

This setup requires setup for the mechanical stops and air bleed, it is recommended that you get this installed professionally.

Dyno testing for this kit was done at John Sleath Race Cars Ltd, testing showed gains in both horsepower, mid-range torque and drivability, along with feedback that they were very tunable with great idle control.



Price: £5,500.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-102-00178

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