Magneti Marelli PF1C (TYPE) Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)


This automotive Rotary Potentiometer is a cost effective and durable Throttle Position Sensor, with a 0-5v Output.

For contacting sensors, a wiper arm inside the sensor is mechanically connected to a moving part which is also in contact with a resistor. As the wiper moves on the resistor, the signal output changes

Driven off AT Power's standard 'T' Shaft, with its orientation 'Anti-Clockwise' when viewed from the mounting face of the sensor.

This product is compatible with the AT Power Throttle Bodies and supplied with 3-pin male mating connector kit.


Product Informational Downloads:

Technical Specifications Download

Price starting from: £50.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand Magnetti Marelli (TYPE)
Product Code 101-130-00013

Price: £50.00 per unit ex VAT

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