Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 Semi-Integrated Dry Sump System



The AT Power's Mitsubishi Semi-Integrated Dry Sump System is designed to prevent engine oil starvation (surge) due to G-force levels experienced during race conditions, lowering engine oil temperatures, and freeing up more of a race engines potential horsepower.


The 3-Stage high efficiency dual ported Oil Pump with positive displacement G-rotors, supplies pressurised oil directly into the engines existing oil system whilst simultaneously removing the aeriated oil from the Sump Pan returning it back to a remote Oil tank, increasing the engines oil supply capacity.


This compact design utilises the existing (OEM) Oil Pump belt drive system, eliminating the need for any external drive belts as seen on the traditional belt driven Dry Sump Systems.


The Integrated Scavenge Pumps simultaneously draws (Scavenges) the aeriated oil directly from the Sump Pan into a remote oil tank increasing the engines overall oil capacity.


With the oil being drawn (scavenged) directly from the low-profile Oil Pan, engine crankcase pressures are reduced minimising the oil drag on the crankshaft and lowering Piston resistance which in turn improves the engines horsepower.


The fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries between the Dry Sump Pan and Oil Pump reduces the quantity of vulnerable external oil pipes and potential oil leak paths along with the additional installation costs of external oil pipes and hose fittings


This product features our high-quality Billet machined low-profile Oil Pan with Turbo drain features, Front Cover and integrated 3-Stage high efficiency dual ported billet machined oil pump, featuring an externally accessed pressure relief valve (PRV) for ease of tuning and adjustment.


This compact design also eliminates any front-end packaging issues in the engine bay and eliminates any risk of an auxillary drive belt failure.


With the addition of an Oil Cooler, the system will reduce Oil temperatures and improve the durability of a race engines life, providing the optimal installation for the serious Mitsubishi racers.


Available in a choice of 18 different anodising colours. Anodising-Colour-Swatch

To complete your installation, we also offer ancillary supporting parts including Dry Sump Oil Tanks and Oil Pump Fittings. (Follow the Informational Downloads link below for more information).



Product Field Testing:


AT Power has developed and tested this product on a Mitsubishi EVO 2.3 litre Stroker engine race car, runing upto 8000 RPM with final performance specifications of 800 HP and 550 ftIbs of torque.


The vehicle was put through hours of dynograph testing programs before the vehicle was then entered into the seasons time attack race meetings.


The engine was tested up to 8000 RPM and showed good oil pressure throughout the rev range.


The oil pressure curves mirrored the RPM of the engine very closely and showed oil pressure of 580 kPa (84 PSI) at 8000 RPM.


After rigerous field testing the Dry Sump System was then removed and returned to AT Power for a full strip down and inspection of all component parts.


Upon inspection, there was no visible or measurable signs of wear to any component parts.


This Dry Sump System has been designed to run up to 10,000 RPM however, has not been currently tested at this speed.



The standard Exhaust system will require modification to prodide clearance around the Oil Pump.



Product Informational Downloads:

PDF Package Drawing Download

Oil Pressure Trace Download

System Installation Schematic

Product Brochure Download

Pump Pressure Relief Valve Adjustment

Dry Sump Ancillary Parts


How to Order:

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This is a motorsports product and should only ever be installed by a professional motorsport company.

If you require assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of AT Power's sales team.


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