Electronic Throttle Actuator (ETA)


AT Power's Electronic Throttle Actuator (ETA) has been specifically designed and tested to the highest standards of motorsports competition, providing fast and responsive operation, positionally accuracy and durable design, making it the no-compromise solution for Drive-By-Wire (DBW) applications.

This product has an approximate weight of 975g and is suitable for use with both AT Power's Throttle Bodies as well as being widely used for other motorsport Electronic Throttle applications. 

All major components, except for the powerful electric motor have been designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by AT Power, with over 4-years of real-world durability and environmental development testing being carried out by our global motorsport partners, ensuring the performance, functionality and reliability of this product is setting the industry standard for high quality performance products.  

The actuator body is a lightweight precision machined billet aluminium (6082-T6) sealed housing design consisting of a high-quality DC electric motor and reduction gearing to provide the maximum torque and operational speeds, with an angular sweep of 110 degrees which can be operated in both directions whilst providing 360 degrees of radial positioning for ease of packaging and fine tuning.

AT Power provides a range of installation mounting options for both standard brackets mounting positions with linkage lever arm actuation or alternatively the Actuator can be mounted at the end of the Throttles offering a direct drive system through AT Power’s Throttles layshaft. (Mounting positions available can be viewed in the Product Informational downloads below).


Advantages of electronic actuation includes:

• Auto-blip for paddle shift.

• Launch control.

• Anti-lag.

• Switchable pedal map.

• Controllable push to pass strategy.

• Pit lane speed control.

• Traction control.

• Variable bank to bank control.

• Warm up (increased air flow).



AT Power recommends that the set-up and tuning is only undertaken in conjunction with ECU suppliers and/or their recommended agents.

In all applications, it is necessary to seek advice from the ECU supplier regarding essential tuning of the actuator control system (normally a PID or PI control) and the associated safety systems. Ultimately electronic throttle applications are safer than mechanical cable applications due to evaluation of the pedal position against throttle position and the ability to power the throttles closed. 

(Full product specifications and operational information can be viewed in the Product Informational downloads below).


Product Informational Downloads:

PDF Package Drawing Download

Technical Specification Download

Drive By Wire Actuator Configurations For Twin Housing Throttle Bodies

Drive By Wire Actuator Configurations For Universal Individual Throttle Bodies

Actuator Position Sensor Technical Details.


How to Order:

In-order to verify your specific requirements, and provide the correct solution for your application please select your configuration from the option sets below: 

If you require assistance, please feel free to call us and speak with a member of our sales team.


Trade Customers:

Please contact us to enquire about our trader's discount structure.


Price starting from: £665.00 per unit ex VAT

Brand AT Power
Product Code 102-106-00053

Price: £665.00 per unit ex VAT

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