Variohm EuroSensor (Hall Effect) Actuator Position Sensor (TPS)


This Variohm EuroSensor is supplied by the leading UK sensor manufacturer and distributor, who have added a ‘puck and magnet’ design option to its well-proven Euro-X programmable angle sensor range. The new Euro-XPK is a fully non-contacting two-part design: a high accuracy Hall Effect sensor element encapsulated in a high-grade sealed plastic housing and a separate magnet.

This high performance 'contactless' Hall-Effect TPS is the choice of motorsport professionals. This technology removes the traditional resistive track system. Resistive tracks are commonly known for wearing out, creating "dead spots". Even certain engine harmonics can cause the sensor's contacting wiper to bounce off the track and cause a misreading of TPS. All these problems are solved when using this Hall-effect sensor.


Euro-XP series the impressive specification includes dual-redundant factory programmed angles from 20º to 360º in 10º steps with a ratio metric output from a 5V DC supply (+/- 0.5V) for both measurement range and characteristic curve.


This product is compatible with the AT Power Electronic Throttle Actuator (ETA).



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For Hall Effect Sensor suitable for AT Power's Throttle Bodies please follow this link - Variohm EuroSensor (Hall Effect) Throttle Position Sensor.


Product Informational Downloads:

XPK Technical Specifications Download

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